The disciplinary history of Landscape Evolution

Landscape evolution is a field of study that has emerged out of geomorphology (the study of the shape of the earth). Landscape evolution is concerned with processes that operate over long timescales to influence mean landscape characteristics. Although the field employs remote sensing and field work, it largely relies on numerical modeling of the interactions between tectonic and surface processes.

This research project takes a critical perspective on the history of the field to consider why particular theories and methodologies have come to be prominent whilst others have not. This is a testing ground for the critical framework outlined in Marc Tadaki and my ‘A Framework for Understanding the Politics of Science (Core Tenet #2)‘ in the 2018 ‘The Palgrave Handbook of Critical Physical Geography ‘¬†(email me for a copy of our chapter).

This research project is still in its conceptualization phase, and is a collaboration with UBC Geography’s Michele Koppes. We look forward to sharing updates and insights as the project develops.